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C M C C 

C M C C 

Central Michigan Christian Church
Central Michigan Christian Church
Our Vision
  • We see a church where the hurting and hopeless find help and hope.
  • We see a family of people learning, loving and sharing God’s love through corporate and small group involvement.
  • We see a church where attendees join small group Bible study and grow in their relationship with Jesus and others.
  • We see a place where each member of the church discovers, develops and deploys his or her spiritual gifts for the good of others.
  • We see involvement in world missions and opportunities for short term mission projects to other parts of the world.
  • We see church involvement in social events and service projects that demonstrate God’s love in practical ways to our community.
  • We see outreach to students at our local university campuses.
  • We see every member equipped to serve and witness to those around us.
  • We seek to be a church that defines itself not only by what it believes, but also by what it does.
Our vision is action-oriented, because we believe Christians
are called to be active in loving, serving, discipling and living.
The mission of
CMCC is to attract and win people to Christ, develop each person to full maturity in their relationship to Him, and mobilize them to fulfill their destiny in service to God.