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C M C C 

C M C C 

Our Beliefs
BIBLE:  We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and our standard for faith and practice. We believe it is the standard by which all subsequent revelation is to be evaluated.

GOD:   We believe in the one triune God revealed in the Bible (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). He is the Creator, Redeemer, and the Sovereign Ruler  of creation & He is the author of truth, love, and faith.

SIN:  We believe that man was created in the image of God. Through willful disobedience, mankind is separated from God, and without God he is without hope.

CHURCH:  We believe the nature and purpose of God is revealed in His Church. The Church is Christ's Body in the earth. We believe the Church consists of believers baptized, joined together in harmony, and practicing  the new covenant in a specific area.  Our continual prayer is to see God's people walk together in peace.

SALAVATION:  We believe that forgiveness of sins and eternal life come only through God's divine Son, Jesus Christ, who purchased our redemption by His death on the cross. We believe that when people truly turn from their sins and turn to Christ in faith through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, He forgives their sins and imparts eternal life.  This personal experience is absolutely essential to come into the kingdom of heaven and inherit eternal life.

The mission of
CMCC is to attract and win people to Christ, develop each person to full maturity in their relationship to Him, and mobilize them to fulfill their destiny in service to God.
Central Michigan Christian Church
Central Michigan Christian Church